Monday, March 29, 2021

Two Text Books

If you are a professional manager who does not want to be left out from the current technology run, then you should consider reading these two books from Praxis Press - a department of Praxis Business School.

Python is a key tool in the digital world. It is used for wide variety of applications including building websites, controlling robots, managing eCommerce transactions but most importantly in Data Science, where it has largely superseded traditional legacy applications like spreadsheets that cannot handle the volume of data that is generated in today's digital environments.

This little book -- of only 64 pages -- will introduce professional managers with no background in coding to the concepts and constructs that make Python as one of the most loved and most used programming languages today. By simply following instruction in this book, readers will be able to actually analyse real data and generate charts and graphs.

More importantly, it uses the Google Colab platform which means that the user has nothing to install on their machine. Just having  modern browser and an internet connection is good enough

To buy the book, click here. For more information visit website.

After Data Science, artificial intelligence and deep learning is the next big thing and even here, the key tool is Python.

Managers who have successfully completed the Python book may consider reading this book that will give them a clear understanding of deep learning without having to go into either complex mathematics or difficult coding.

This small book, exactly 100 pages long, will introduce the reader to five examples that will demystify the concept of basic neural networks, CNN - convolutional neural networks, RNN - Recurrent neural network, Reinforcement Learning and Generative Adversarial Networks.

All this is done with Google Colab so that users do not have to install anything on their laptops.

To buy the book, click here or visit this website

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